of real gold

to whom wanna be stick out

Our technology

We are doing 24 kt Gold plating on various metal surfaces. Offers exceptional solder ability and is a superb reflector of infrared radiation. In addition gold is a noble metal which does not oxidize or chemically react under normal circumstances. Gold plating is planned for electrical applications and where great consumption resistance or high stain resistance is required.

Nowadays the gold plating service is one of the most popular, and applies not only to jewelry, but also to other things around us. For example, by applying a layer of gold, you can transform any part of the car: radiator grille, wheel disks, door handles, mirror cover, company logo and much more.

Thanks to the use of our technology, anything can be given nobility and originality. In addition, depositing gold on the surface makes the thing stronger and more reliable, which will prolong its life. Often objects of everyday use undergo the gold plating:  such as watches, furniture, tableware, electronic appliances, mobile phones, office supplies and more.

Gold plating has ability to abrasion, which is quite natural. But thanks to our unique technology, the plating holds much stronger and longer.

Modern gold plating is a technological process that is continuously improving for achieving a better result. The process requires professional skills of specialists, because the technology is complex and consists of several stages. There are no errors allowed, because the materials used in the work are very expensive and require a perfect result from the first time.

Our plating

no tarnish
no exfoliate
has high wear
no react to weather conditions and moisture

What we plate with gold

of cooperation with us

We are a producer,
not an intermediary
We give a guarantee
of 5 years for our plating
Our office
in Dubai
Lead-time from
24 hours


Al Quoz Industrial 1 Area, Al Manara Road, Opposite Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 10-11-12, Dubai
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